Mori Lee Has a Bridesmaid Dress for Every Taste

At New York Bride & Groom, we understand how vital it is for your bridesmaids to feel confident and radiant as they stand next to you on your wedding day. That’s why we carry a broad selection of designers who have earned their impeccable reputations in the bridal industry. For instance, our exceptional selection of Mori Lee bridesmaid gowns offers something flattering and fantastic for every body type. This makes the collection ideal for brides who want to go the mix-and-match route with their bridesmaid dresses.

SAME COLOR, SIMILAR STYLES: Not everyone interprets color the same way (kelly green and lime green are technically both green, if you get my drift). So if you want everyone’s outfits to look mostly cohesive, choose a single shade and then stick with it. Set up a Pinterest board with your color choice(s) along with a few dress examples, or send your team a paint swatch with your color. It’ll make it easier for everyone to shop, and it’ll save you from having to answer endless questions about whether your sister’s dress is more blush or bashful.

Pro tip: if you want cohesion without matchy-matchiness, send them one of those multi-color paint swatches that you can get at your local hardware store and assign each person to one of the shades. Those colors are meant to complement each other, so they’re guaranteed to look good together.

DIFFERENT COLORS, DIFFERENT STYLES (AND WHAT THE HELL, LET’S ADD A PATTERN!): You can easily add more variety to the two concepts above, by doing more than one color or adding print options. The key, once again, to keeping things cohesive is making sure there are some points of similarity. For example, you can do all cocktail-length pastel florals. Or a mixture of solids and prints within the same color family. Or all floor length dresses in a combination of teal, maroon, and eggplant. (If you want a mix of colors like this, you might want to assign each person their own color. That way you don’t end up with four out of five friends wearing teal and one person in eggplant feeling like the odd man out.) Since this kind of mismatching is a bit more advanced, just make sure to be realistic about your expectations, and know your crowd. Do you have super stylish friends who love to get dressed up and go out? Or are your people more jeans and t-shirt types? If you have a clear vision in mind, you can totally make the dress shopping process a collaborative one the same way you would if you were taking a more traditional bridesmaid dress shopping route. You know your people best, but it turns out that most wedding teams would rather have direction and get it right than be left to try and figure things out on their own (while worrying they’re going to disappoint you). Continue reading at A Practical Wedding

Personalize and Accessorize

If you have opted for your bridesmaids to wear mismatched dresses to elaborate their individuality and maximize their comfort, remember that New York Bride & Groom offers a myriad of accessories such as sashes, clips, belts and jewelry that can help you harmonize your bridal party with some cohesive pieces. In short, don’t worry — if you’re searching for a way to unite your mix-and-match bridesmaids gowns, our bridal consultants will help you pull the look together.

Short & Sweet or Long & Luscious

We often work with ladies who are attracted to particular dress styles that will showcase some aspect of their physique. If some of your bridesmaids have their hearts set on shorter, cocktail-length bridesmaid dresses, the mix-and-match look will help you balance everyone out.

If you’re the organized type, discuss your bridesmaids’ wishlist ahead of time to help everyone have some direction when they visit our salon. Or, just pile into a car or two and head over. Our experienced and friendly staff will be happy to help guide you through the process, so don’t worry about it. All you need to know is that stunning and affordable dress choices are yours to discover at Charlotte’s top bridal boutique, New York Bride & Groom.

Dress tones can range from the color palette of the wedding, to colorful floral patterns, or even a simple shade of ebony. This trend initially developed from brides desiring for their loved ones to feel great in their dress on the big day and be able to use it at a later date. Shapes in gowns also range, so everyone can find the silhouette that works best for their body type.

The mix-and-match idea can also work in the bride’s favor in another way: the colors can add to the décor scheme and result in creating magical photos due to the variety of tones. If you’re still unsure if this works with the vision for your special day, take a look at this collection of photos we’ve gathered for you that feature bridesmaids in a range of mismatched styles. See more at Inside Weddings

An Exceptional Shopping Experience

With more than 15,000 square feet of modern luxury, over 20 dressing rooms and a full staff every day, New York Bride & Groom is the premier wedding dress shop in the Charlotte metro region.

We have an array of exquisite wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses in our extensive inventory. Come browse our popular designer lines and find the perfect garment for everyone. You never need an appointment to shop with us so drop by anytime it’s convenient for you. Our passionate and knowledgeable bridal assistants will be here ready to serve you during all business hours. We look forward to seeing you soon.